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(C'mon, c'mon feel the noise!)

Ruff Draft (girls grab the boys)

Uhh (get wild, wild wild)

Get wild (get wild, wild wild) get wild

Turn it up, another world premier y'all

Let's wild out in here front to rear y'all

Yeah, pimp juice 'bout to tear off

In these niggaz asses indeed it's a classic

We 'bout to get wild homeskillet

Long as hoes feel it, fuck the clones stealin

Where the fifthy, what's a fo'-wheel?

Don't just be talkin show deal

We wildin like "Girls Gone Wild" here

Stand up like D kings wild here

Stay stylin, pilin paper

Take over town like ice and Jacob, uhh

Treat haters like dice and shake 'em up

AJ Production, takin up

Back to what we came to do now

Get wild in here blaze the roof down

C'mon (feel the noise!)

(Girls grab the boys)

(Get wild, wild wild) get wild

(Get wild, wild wild) get wild

Get wild on the Rampage, "Wild for the Night"

Get it lifted like Winona Ryder

Same energy that made Ike wanna fight her

Hos-tile, end up in hos-pi-tal

Fuck with this not an option yo

Might be too wild here in De-toire

Here to shut shit down, keep your day jobs

Yeah, the S. Vil, the MC

Free, Guilty, Reem and Rasheed

It's not a game my peeps got cheese

Freaks see us, get knock-kneed

Tryin to hook off with us, everywhere we look up

Keep a nigga shook up, now you know this

All real playboy straight to Morpheus

Back to what we came to do now

Get it wild in here blaze the roof down

C'mon, feel the noise

Girls, grab the boys

And get wild (wild wild)

(Get wild, wild wild)

Wild out y'all, yeah

Uhh, hut one, hut two

Hut, hut, hut, hut (yeah)

Hut, hut, hut, hut (Ruff Draft)

Hut, hut, hoeeeee

Hut, hut, hut

(Okay that's the end of my slave song)

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