Incubus - A Crow Left Of The Murder

Incubus - A Crow Left Of The Murder

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Uitgegeven door: Sony

Uitgegeven in: 2004

Album type: Full CD

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This is their fifth studio album and it has certainly progressed from their last album (as most bands who are worth it have a tendency to do). The only genre I could really lump it into was alternative rock, but who needs genres when you can have music? It invloves Brandon Boyd, Michael Einziger, DJ Kilmore, Ben Kenney and Jose Pasillas II.

The actual album itself has 14 tracks and is 58 mins and 30 seconds long. The album can also come with a bonus DVD that has "Lollapalooza", "Bridge Benefit", "While We Were Out" and "Brandon's Injury" on it. You can also get it on dual-disc which features the entire album in enhanced LCPM Stereo, "Lollapalooza", "Bridge Benefit", "While We Were Out" and "Brandon's Injury".

I believe this album to be Incubus' best so far. Highlights for me are "Sick Sad Little World", "Southern Girl", "Zee Deveel" and "Leech" although the whole album is amazing.

"Sick Sad Little World (originally called "Turbo Geek") is a very melancholic song featuring some of the best lyrics I've every heard ("The world is a joke when out of love"). It starts with a very mysterious intro and builds on that theme all the way through. The middle-section is also amazing and completely undescribable.

"Southern Girl" is essentialy a love song, however forget your usual bad lyrics and put in something a lot more artistic. The music is also very dreamy and I've fallen asleep to it many times...

"Zee Deveel" certainly lives up to its name by bringing the devil himself into your room. For me the music is the highlight of this track and featuring great guitar, I believe this to be a work of art.

"Leech" is a lovely piano driven song with weaving lyrics that you can just sit back and contemplate (like most of the album).

If you like Incubus' other albums then you'll love this one and if you haven't ever heard any of their stuff this is a perfect place to start.

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