In Strict Confidence

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my trail of blood they've found

leading to the fallen angel

I'm crying on the ground

my wings crushed into pieces

they spread across the land

and longing for the splinters

I painfully cut my hand

like a scarlet lover

my blood kisses the snow

the hunters are crawling closer

my tears like rivers flow

a cold black rain is pouring

on my naked skin

the hunter's lips have touched me

they've poisoned me with sin

just send a sign - just send a sign

reaching out for saviours

I drown in a dark embrace

they drink my blood of beauty

while claws caress my face

the realm of pain is rising

I hold my breath and pray

while falling into shadows 

my senses fade away

whispering lies of healing

to give me all I need

while left alone in darkness

towards death I slowly bleed

forever lost my kingdom

a tear is my last kiss

I know, a fallen angel

at home they never miss

just send a sign - just send a sign

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