In Strict Confidence

In Strict Confidence - Love Will Never Be The Same songtekst

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Feel the pain in the depth of my soul
 Lose my mind in hopeless illussions
 Live my life without taking control
 I�m dying slowly inside you
 My heartbeat screams out your name
 Cruel sayings are hurting my senses
 This torture is only your blame
 I�m your slave in the jail of sadness
 I want out but i can�t run away
 You keep my tears fettered in you longing
 I try to leave but you force me to stay
 I feel the redemption comes nearer
 Ther e�s only one way out of this game
 Thoughts of losing you make me desperate
 Without you love will never be the same
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Auteur: Dennis Ostermann, Jörg Schelte

Componist: ?

Publisher: Bloodline


Uitgegeven in: 2000

Taal: Engels

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