Ike Moriz

Ike Moriz - Gold Rush

Je score:
This life on the shore 
This calm before the storm
This dream of more & more 
The world will never be the same
This promise holds much -
Like a woman's touch, 
The bullet cuts right through: Too much 
All senses become one
GOLD RUSH - like falling in love
Yet it's a COLD RUSH - with a frozen heart
Besieged by greed & sorrow 
You know only tomorrow
Your heaven is borrowed - 
This void cannot be filled
Temptation, smoke & illusions 
Twisting your brain, those deadly intrusions
Rebel forces and drug infusions
All thoughts become one, one delusion

Gold Rush - Like falling in love
Yet it's a cold rush - with a frozen heart
Gold Rush – it tears us apart
A cold rush - with a frozen heart

Rushing for gold - Crushing for gold
The world's turning cold - Rushing for gold!
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Auteur: Ike Moriz

Componist: Ike Moriz

Publisher: Mosquito Records London Pty Ltd.


Uitgegeven in: 2017

Taal: Engels

Komt voor op: Gold Rush (2017)

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