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I'm so bored with you

It didn't take long

I hear all about you

Every day of the month

You sounded so in control of it

On Radio 1

But I don't believe you

And though they all seem to

And though they all scream for you

And though they all dream of you

Retro's out Jumble's in

You dinosaur thing

Afro's out Boneheads in

You dinosaur thing

Help us out Rag it all in

You dinosaur thing

Do you believe it?

Or are you tryin it on

Like something that caught your eye

On Kensington Market

You always seem so beautiful

Like you fell out of bed

But I think you're wearin' it

I think you care about it

After all that you said

You're just another spotty fool

Who started a group

Out of your mind and all over the world

But the stuff you do

It's so uncool

You can't remember

How it feels to kick your heels

What do you know of being young

I hear you're almost twenty-one

Help us out

Retro's out

Afro's out, jumble's in

You dinosaur thing

Retro's out, Bonehead's in

You dinosaur thing

Mojo's out

Go-Go's out

Help us out

You dinosaur thing...... 
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Taal: Engels

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