Golden Earring

Golden Earring - the grand piano songtekst

Je score:
Strong rough hands seized the shiny wood 
Carried her on stage and there she stood 
Every time when she performed 
The audience smiled or cried 
But after years of cheers and fame 
Her sound got old and died 

Na, na, na, na 
Na, na, na , na 

Strong rough hands seized the shabby wood 
Took here there, where she would stay for good 
Her study was her destiny 
Children used to say 
You are still a queen for us 
So teach us how to play 

Na, na, na, na 
Na, na, na , na
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Auteur: Rinus Gerritsen

Componist: ?

Publisher: USM, Red Bullet Productions B.V.


Uitgegeven in: 2017

Taal: Engels

Gecovered door: Willeke Alberti (1971, Nederlands)

Komt voor op: On The Double (1969)

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