Golden Earring

Golden Earring - high in the sky songtekst

Je score:
The time has gone 
but your face baby, is still here on my mind 
The tears I cried have filled the rivers, 
lakes, seas, but not the time 
I hear your voice through the wind 
whispering tender, sweet sweet as wine 
But remember I'm coming to that 
place where your love is still shining 
Although my eyes are wet 
I still see the lovely moments in the shadow of your name 
And so I think of you and remember 
the day He put out the flame 

I'll come high in the sky 
Where your love is blooming 
like a flower on a field 
I'll come high in the sky 
Where your love is blooming 
pure and real 

Yes, the time has gone 
and gone for me is the time to spent here on earth 
I'll cry my tears knowing that you are waiting for me 
could it be worse 
I reach my hand 
while you are reaching your hand out for me
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Auteur: George Kooymans

Componist: ?

Publisher: USM, Red Bullet Productions B.V.


Uitgegeven in: 1969

Taal: Engels

Komt voor op: On The Double (1969)

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