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I'm the friend of the weak
From underneath the cowl
I'm staring at your soul
I see it black, I see it small

I feel the weight of the sins you haul
I'm the trusting friend you need
You're the open book I read

chorus: I'm here to save you

I see you sail night and day
On a sea where the waves
Always force you back
It won't take me more than one strike
To release your soul from the cares of life
I'm your guide through the night
Through the night to the light

I see you sink deeper down
In an ocean of pain
Always force them down
You shouldn't be afraid
I'm your everlasting mate
Always force you down

A voice pierces your ears
My words enter your brain

I'm here to save you
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Auteur: Daniel B., Jean-Luc De Meyer, Patrick Codenys, Richard 23

Componist: ?

Publisher: Sony Music Entertainment


Uitgegeven in: 1992

Taal: Engels

Komt voor op: Tyranny >For You< (1991) , USA 91 (2021)

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