Fretblanket - 1941 songtekst

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Sweet little child
What have you done this time?
You gave them a smile
And they grabbed that inch and made a mile

Sweet little chiild!
Hide yourself away;
The papers will be after you today.

Whoever shouts, the loudest wins
Doesn't matter what they're saying
And while you're fighting facism
You build your own little 1941

Oh! I hope you're prepared
Knowing your left from your right
Cause we're marching out tonight

I hope you're prepared
Knowing your wrong from your right
Cause we're only just starting to fight

Whoever shouts...

You want hipocrisy
Your mouth will never give your eyes a chance
You want philosophy
Don't live life for a single sentence
You want it all!
Taking your time for a change
Now they're taking your time away

You tried to expand!
Move wiht the times!
Open your eyes!
Adapt to survive!

Whoever shouts...

Be strong!
Be-e stro-o-ong! (hold)
Be stro-o-ong! (hold for first repetition)

I can forgive any weakness in you
I can forgive any weakness in you
I can forgive any weakness in you
Just as long as you know what you're putting me through

I can forgive any... (repeat above)

Whoever shouts...

You're fighting facism
Building your own little 1941.
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Auteur: ?

Componist: ?

Publisher: Atlas (5)


Uitgegeven in: 1994

Taal: Engels

Komt voor op: Junkfuel (1994)

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