Faded Red

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What is this thing called attachment?
You make me wonder if that really happened
Don't make me lose my train of thought again
â??Cause now it's so much more messed up than it had been
Good enough: I'll take that any day
Since you don't like to talk there's really not much more that I can say
But that's okay
CHORUS: I'm not gonna say it's forever
Let's just spend some time together
Don't worry, it's not â??now or never'
Zara won't you try?
(2nd time only) I don't always make the best lines
This may be our first and last time
But I think it'll all go just fine
Zara won't you try?
I'll lead with some questions
They're mostly gonna be my friends' suggestions
It's up to you to pick the next ones
You'll have to keep up with a conversation
It's okay if you simplify
But please don't ever feel like you would have to tell me any lies
I'm good if you want to say goodbye
Take a chance on me (x4)
Give me your attention
I'm worth your time, and did I mention
I want you bad
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Taal: Engels

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