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The downfall - a pleasure to watch it in your arms

Flaming red inferno, we relish the dying horizon

With fiery thorns in your hands

You strike stakes of lust through my heart

When all around us is lit

Our love will gleam like the vital spark

Into an ocean of reddish tears

We glide away, unite our souls

My inflamed skin caressed by your hands

The fever enslaves us again and again...

Thousands of souls torches

Extinct, withered side by side

We are destined to celebrate

The cremation of mankind

Slowly devoured by a gorge of heat

Melted away - the bad depraved seed

Screamed out for help, to heaven they cried

"I declared the earth as purgatory"

All I wanted was to touch the sky,

but I was doomed to fail

Like an anguished child I sank down on my knees

In hopeless desperation I await your final kiss

"His locus est ubi mors gaudet succurrere vitae"
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