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Release me - don't hide in the shadows all the time

Release me - love me under a bloodred sky

Believe me - devotion purifies your mind

Believe me - leave it all far behind

Suzanne - would you die with me - Suzanne

Suzanne - whatever will be - Suzanne

Kiss me!

Mistreat me - DELIVERANCE cuts so deep

Mistreat me - just give me what I need

Suzanne - world is open wide - Suzanne

Suzanne - (but) I feel cold inside - Suzanne

So cold...

Can't you hear my calling?


Suzanne - the sky is still red - Suzanne

Suzanne - and world is dead - Suzanne

(Would you die? Would you die with me?)

Suzanne - what have we become?
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Taal: Engels

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