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Suburbia being turned upside down.

Our hopes being buried in hallowed ground.

Don't you ever blame me for the fact i was born.

I hear you calling from the other side.

My limbs are bound, i'm filled with fright.

I feel an inner compulsion-demanding restlessly.

Hold me, I crumble... My silvergod (don't leave me alone, i need you)

I swear to you, I'll always need you, always keep you.

Never let you go.

The saints are just sinners who keep on trying.

For you there's no need of defiance.

You're about to lose me - the gates are open wide.

Give your brains to the mad, your eyes to the blind.

In the kingdom of suffered minds.

The worst hallucination is the curse to be alive.

My silvergod. Hold me tight. Don't leave me alone.

Now... the battle is done.

I still breathe your scent.

Now... serenity has come.

Now... i want to be in you.
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