Eleanor McEvoy

Eleanor McEvoy - Seasoned Love songtekst

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I felt anticipation early in the spring

I looked forward to the riches it would bring

I smiled the day it led my heart to you

It seemed like the world was smiling too

We laughed and drank and sang in summertime

I felt your body always close to mine

Our love was so exciting and so new

It seemed like the world was lauging too

Things got colder when the autumn came along

But we straightened out the things that had gone wrong

As the leaves displayed their ever changing hue

It seemed like the world was changing too

The winter brought the rain and then the snow

And I cried out loud the day I saw you go

I didn't really know quite what to do

It seemed like the world was crying too

I felt happiness inside when you were near

I'd feel a surge of tenderness when you'd appear

I feel so messed up now that I'm not with you

It seems like the world is messed up too
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