Deekestrelz - 9-500 Revenge songtekst

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[Hook: Mr. Boy]
For the revenge
For the revenge
For the revenge
For the revenge
Repeat 2X
[Verse One: Flatmine, Flatyourthz/Godfrey Effisawey]
Like a roomer dead (? ) revenge
Behave [?]
Vine years, deadly hope, deadly hope my hell with my hair
No Kung Fu
Death for the live
The evil is shit mask is not right backs
Like a (? ) frozen
Cuz I (? ) bitches frozen
Freeze is that water we core like a deep
Go away for the swap wrong turn
My takes like still come with for the womb
And now [?] tomb
[?], When I kill you son, now a gotta like son
For the revenge
[Verse Two: Prizza/Christine Aspell]
Up and down, (? )
The run for the lives for the [?]
Like a [?]
Wrong turn shit like scary sons
I real to the terror is a nightmare poems
And now to the hell body with the Flatliners
You gotta help milk and chocolate, [?]
Now gangs for dead, body alarm is killing son
For the revenge
[Jessie Burlingame & Carly]
Come on (I want him back)...
[Verse Three: Prince Kidz/Karim Kaloga]
Now to the scare him [?]
Now for the scare him to the shit with a nightmares
Like a Karim Kaloga, acer [?]
For the revenge, I'm a body parts
Life, now to the death, or'll like a slow
Fucking hell is the donuts fire with the stay with blow
Now to the ''hey'' (? ) like a stairs
No fear, finna trynna like a here
Blood stairs, blow is the eightn
[?], Dark with the splow, yeah
Run to the dog angry is lock for dog's death
With the field like a hell up shit, no!
1, 1, 2, 2, 3, 4, 5
6, 6, to the number sound (? ) profound
There is, now to saying, hello!
And now to dead, diggin out the grave...
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