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One kiss one little sigh
That's all you gave me
When you said goodbye
But someday baby
Someday darlin'
You're gonna miss me

Long gone, is your caress
And with it all my happiness
But someday baby, someday darlin'
You're gonna miss me
Oh oh oh yes

One of these nights
You'll wake up cryin'
But I won't be there to comfort you
You'll turn on the light
But you'll go on cryin'
Cause only my true love
Can chase away your blues

Oh yes you're gonna learn
I'm not the only one
Whose heart will burn
Cause someday baby
Someday darlin'
You're gonna miss me
Miss me, miss me, miss me
Someday baby, someday darling
you're gonna miss me
Oh oh oh oh oh yeah
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Auteur: Eddie Curtis, Curtis

Componist: E. Curtis

Publisher: Bear Family Records


Uitgegeven in: 1996

Taal: Engels

Komt voor op: Do the Twist (2013) , 24 Greatest Hits (1991) , Lipstick on Your Collar (2015) , Gold (2005)

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