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We strolled the lane together, 
Laughed at the rain together
Sang love's refrain together 
And we'd both pretend it would never end
But one day we cried together, 
Cast love aside together
You're gone from me but in my memory
We always will be together

Oh darlin', the memory of all the happy moments
We shared together will always remain in my heart
The picnics at the park, the fun we had on the beach
the boat rides on the lake
The way we danced all night, 
The warmth of your kiss
And the way you held me tight 
Are all part of a tender love
I'll never, never forget

You're gone from me but in my memory
Darlin', wherever you are
We'll always be together
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Auteur: DeSylva, Brown And Henderson, DeSylva, Brown and Henderson

Componist: ?

Publisher: PolyTel


Uitgegeven in: 1996

Taal: Engels

Komt voor op: 24 Greatest Hits (1991) , Lipstick on Your Collar (2015) , The Singles + (2003) , Schöner Fremder Mann (2008) , Gold (2005)

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