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(feat. Boo)

[First Verse: C-Loc]

Too many Baby Girl, can't even count the days

You had my head fucked up with your conspicuous ways

In a day, made the average nigga pass out

Bendin' all over in front me, like you want me, with your ass out

It's a muthafucka, playin' with the wrong brotha

Could never touch it, cuz I know my dogg got love for ya

If he knew the game, shit'll change, I don't wanna see my dogg sick

Findin' out he's in love with a bitch

You know the nigga quick to kill somethin'

Ain't no frontin'

Got me in a real situation, bad as I want it

I need to tell my nigga, and fear that he'll hold a grudge

Niggas take shit fucked up when they in love

Be right back with the bitch, lookin' at you like he wanna empty clips

Make you grab your shit, sayin' "What the fuck is this?"

Startin' to get cool, with your partnas and they mate don't mix

Have you caught up in some serious bullshit

[Chorus: C-Loc]

You know your girl wanna fuck your dogg, right?

Yeah nigga, your girl wanna fuck your dogg, nigga


[Second Verse: Boo]

Stop by to pay my boy a visit, I seen you scopin' from a distance

In the kitchen blowin' me kisses

Askin' for my digits

Tempted to fuck wit'cha and I'm tryin' to avoid it

But she's dancin' with her ass all on me at the party

Grabbin' dick, checkin' in at Motel 6

On some high/drunk shit, get my dick licked

By my partna's main bitch, see I know he gone trip

Because this the same bitch, that's carryin' his kid

Plus people she did, she let her friend know

And her friend let her man know

Now we havin' problems over scandolous assholes

Hope it don't result to the pistol

See how pussy turn situations crystal?

Now I done put scars upon your temple because you violated

And got me thinkin' "How the fuck I'ma face him?"

You know?


[Third Verse: C-Loc]

Okay today she heard this, yesterday she heard that

Now Boo, you say that's your girl, but she gone get her ass slapped

Wanna sit around and clown you bout how I'm no good

Sometimes she make me feel like, she want the wood

Around these messy ass hoes keep my shit confidential

What you expect?  Speakin' on my bedroom credentials

I done sexed from my room to the next day lie

Even told 'em how I paid off the Q-45

They want a piece of that

Even if they have to double back

Tryin' to cut your rope so they can pick up the slack

I'm takin' care of home, ain't no sense in goin' in no zone

Bout some dumb shit that your girls ran quick

These hoes doin' bad Baby, stake your claim

I tell you girls is sad, they plays a helluva game

Now I done told ya, you need to give this hoe a cold shoulder

Or let her know next time that she come over, cuz....

[Chorus x4]
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