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Yo we turning this one out for me my homeboys They Homeboys and

Homegirls and anybody that think they got em and anybody whos lost

anything you are just as much as a life behind 1

As a child you see the world as being a Playground going round kids in

the hood Everything is all good

It's understood on that big-wheeler

But when you making it they can't feel you

Rolling dice and then to one point they trying to kill you

Fear no man but God is still watching what they Doing is hard I swear

this life thing is getting so


Keep you in your mind and maintain that's the kind that remains

The longest on the planet dummies get swept up off the ground

Believe half of what you see and none of what you here

Look around one by one your Homeboys dissapear its clear

That the snakes stay among us but who's in the best position to run up

Your player Hatin friends that watched you come up

Stuck between a rock and a hard place     

  Bad  enough you had to hurt him

On top of that you called the case

Stupid look on your face mad at yourself

Cause your peers shouldnt of been in the streets in the first place



Who's real who's fake you'll never know

God help distinguish friend or foe ( friend or foe)

Mamma always warned me of busters

She Said they get you killed and have you wearin orange colors

Moms put it on my mind over and over again

Boy you be stuck like Chuck everytime for  

Putting your faith in men

I got's to check myself 

I'm seeing what they doing to me

Starting to get shady myself messing round in this community

Can't even trust your broad you made your Factor in this drama

I learned that first hand by my babies momma 

That's why I'm going never take em serious

Got a heartache and a pocket

And for being curious got me Furious

Ghetto ways is hard to let go

Comin out that ghetto

  ones thats clappin

They the same ones thats pullin you back and

You'll never know 

People are so unpredictable

It's best to get what you can get and go

Pack up then solo

Plenty in the picture claiming to be all in with you if in you

But if you all aint with me come and get me

Never say what someone wont do

Only if you will always stay true

Jealousy is always among you 

Play it cool don't be a fool ( Who's who ) [x2]

Turn to the music industry as a way out

Spend to much time in jail for the enemy

But now I'm trying to stay out in the ????

To win it but now I'm tripping

On how these so called Thugs and G's is lettin these people pimp them

Now who would have thought that it would be the same

In the rap game like my old game

My crowd , it is the only thats changed

It's a shame how this world can't be trusted

No matter the occupation or location

So called friends will have you busted and disguisted

In the meantime play it cool don't be no fool

Until you can rely and ?????

Tired of being sick and tired of feeling Mutual

But I gots to go because I'm late for a funeral

[chorus until fades]
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