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(feat. Young Bleed)

[First Verse: C-Loc]

Now as in my town, in your town, playas keep it locked

Let us know where the party at Fool, and we'll rock

Without a doubt, in and out, like that dank on the road

Let's turn the block, smoke some dope, and I'll show you the rose

I'm makin', sun shine on a cloudy day, you feel me nigga?

Instead of sittin' while I'm whinin' my life away, you haters kill me nigga

From a spot, well fellas dope sack, last night

Sell they soul to make it better than the last time

Hustlas doin' like Wally never be free

And you makin' million dollar plans without me?  Make it the last time

Bout my grind, hope to shed this life of crime

You know my kind, just like you, and fill me up and press rewind

I'll tell you, all them niggas'll get they time to shine

You get your neck broke or choked for fuckin' round with mine

Ya heard me??!!

[Chorus: Young Bleed]

Get Yours!

Never holdin' up when I get it I split yours

Doin' what'cha wanna my noggin' cuz it's yours

Keep it on the low til' ya bubble and spit yours

You heard me?


[Second Verse: C-Loc]

Now where the work at?  I leave the crime scene in a blaze

Can you work that?  Just broke yesterday, now I'm paid

Now it's curse Black, for fools that fake the funk in my way

Daddy bust back, and leave 'em lost in life like a maze

Now feel me flat you gettin' stuck up

And fools that 'sposed to blasted at me, you done fucked up

I ain't trippin' I was quick to put the clip in

You punks better listen

Now you started this beef, so put your lip in

Muthafucka spit the game above your neck, like a tech

Picture me, out the frame with them thangs and a vest

You know the rest

Down and dirty out there eatin' curly fries

Tired of spendin' my mornings tellin' my Mama don't worry

Cuz we gone shine ya heard me?


[Third Verse: C-Loc]

So don't get full of that whatever the fuck

And lose your mind cuz I'ma lose mine and tear this place up

Now I'ma tell you, this your chance

To stop the buckin' cuz you fuckin' with a mad man

Muthafucka came from late night to the spot, tryin' to survive in the game

And doin' shows coast to coast, sippin' 'nac on the plane

While you do your thang, I'ma do my thang on the grind

While you rack your brains, I'ma stack change so I can shine

Like that flashlight, you know the one the tags whoop you with

When it's late night, for tryin' to run and swallow your shit

Now I tried to do right, when I got out on the fifth

But I got in tight my playa partna needed a lift

Went and drifted in that lost World of playas and thieves

That's how you flip, in the ghetto when you tryin' to break free

From a family tree of hustlas, playas, felons, and thieves

When they tellin' you they gettin' it yo it's a dream

And here it is ya heard me?

[Chorus x3]
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