Broken Baby

Broken Baby - Hand Heat

Je score:
Hey, what’s up with you?
Nada mucho
Yeah, that’s cool
Well I just don’t know
Maybe later
Gotta go
If all this just isn’t real
Can you tell me what is?
I got your hand heat
Resting on my chin cheek
Rolling on a hot week
Nada Surf with you
I’ve got my jellies
Slipping off my sweaty feet
And now I have to pee
But I’d rather be here with you
And all these spiders up on the roof
Wait oh nevermind
We’re not running
Out of time
If I’m in a rush
Well It’s just because 
I’m kinda bad at love
I’m not good friends with forever
But I’m into now
Catch me 
hoping that you catch me
Hearts are racing past me
Daylight turns to blue 
I think you get me just before forget me 
Running on the empty 
feelings without you
So if you want to   
We can jump off of this roof
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Auteur: ?

Componist: ?

Publisher: Poor Man Records


Uitgegeven in: 2021

Taal: Engels

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