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I've been thinking 'bout the love we share It's been a long time since we last showed we care Sitting in a corner of my room late at night wondering why we had another silly fight.
Why is it that you can't understand
Girl I'm doing the best that I can
But my emotions got the upper hand
It's about time I let you know girl where I stand.
Tell me baby where we are now Where do we go from here.
I've been telling, girl, what's on your mind
It's about time I lay my heart on the line
I can tell there's something going on
By the way your body language sings that song.       \
If there is something, girl. you must know My love for you just grows and grows If there is any doubt that you ever had Baby right now, right now I love you that's where I stand.
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Auteur: Bruce Clayton Purce, Charles Abraham Alexander, Leslie Ming, Alexander/Purce/Ming

Componist: ?

Publisher: Sony BMG Music Entertainment (Belgium) NV/SA


Uitgegeven in: 1992

Taal: Engels

Komt voor op: Where Do We Go (1992)

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