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Blue Blot - I Never Can Tell About You songtekst

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I can love you 
but I never now when
You just show up 
than blow away like the wind
It's a shame girl 
these changes I'm going through
I never can tell about you

All my friends say 
I'm acting crazy these days
Must be a woman 
that makes me carry on this way
And I can find a reason 
for all the things that I do
I never can tell about you

Cause you got your husband
and I got my wife
We meet undercover
leading our double life
And I can't help but wonder
can I keep hiding the clues?

one thing's for certain: I never can tell about you

I could never leave her
I told you time and again
And when it's all over 
I know you go home to him
so we keep on livin for our next rendez-vous
I never can tell about you

And god knows I love you
but I still need her to

I never can tell about you
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Auteur: John Jarrard, Walt Aldridge

Componist: ?

Publisher: BMG Ariola Belgium NV/SA


Uitgegeven in: 1992

Taal: Engels

Komt voor op: Where Do We Go (1992)

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