Blink 182

Blink 182 - Take off Your Pants and Jacket

Blink 182 - Take off Your Pants and Jacket

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Uitgegeven door: MCA

Uitgegeven in: 2001

Album type: Full CD

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Monday 26th of December 2005 00:26

This is the best cd in my entire collection.


Tuesday 4th of November 2003 22:15

The members of this band include:

Mark Hoppus (Bass and Songwriter)
Tom Delonge (Guitar and Songwriter)
Travis Barker (Drummer)

The tracks are:

1 Anthem Part 2
2 Online Songs
3 First Date
4 Happy Holidays, You Bastard
5 Story Of A Lonely Guy
6 The Rock Show
7 Stay Together For The Kids
8 Roller Coaster
9 Reckless Abandon
10 Everytime I Look For You
11 Give Me One Good Reason
12 Shut Up
13 Please Take Me Home

I loved this album. There's a song for every mood your in. Happy?... listen to "First Date", "The Rock Show" or "Reckless Abandon. Sad?... listen to "Stay Together for The Kids" or "Please Take Me Home".