Blink 182

Blink 182 - Blink 182

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Uitgegeven door: Geffen Records

Uitgegeven in: 2003

Album type: Full CD

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Sunday 9th of April 2006 18:12

I've been a blink fan since i was 6, I pretty much grew up with the poppy punk band... Take off your pants and jacket was i first album i actualy had all songs from... Blink has just grown up// They do need to slapass fun, They have just grown up! i dont like the 50 seconds intros its annoying but i like feeling this and not now.


Tuesday 3rd of January 2006 17:03

This is by far the shittiest album i have ever listened to... it basically made it okay for 5th grade girls to listen to blink and think their hardcore.. and the poser ass skater kids love this album.. total bullshit man, i hate to bring the bad news but blink you really fucked up on this one.. the songs arent bad.. it's just the look and feel of the "new" blink.. it sucks


Monday 2nd of January 2006 23:33

This is Blink 182's worst album, the old immature, funny blink 182 we used to know has gone, we all expected to get a laugh from this album, as we did from Enema of the State and MArk Tom and Travis show. The zippy funny songs and bits of talk that made blink so loveable are gone. THey have "grown Up" i would not advise anyone who loved the old blink 182 to buy this album


Old Blink 182's biggest fan


Saturday 24th of July 2004 22:14

14 Songs,
Pop/ Punk
around 34 minutes
Mark Hoppus, Tom Delonge, Travis Barker

This is an okay album. The things that make it pretty bad is the fact that 2 songs arent even sung by blink, in one song you have to wait 50 seconds to hear a song. And plainly becuase i think blink is deteriorating. The good things about it are the good bass sounds and pretty good slow songs (i usually dont like them).


Sunday 21st of March 2004 03:19

14(?) tracks


Guitar and Vocals: Tom DeLonge
Bass and Vocals: Mark Hoppus
Drums: Travic Barker

Geffen Records

The boys have relly done it this time.
Although, this cd is unlike their other pop punky ones. This album shows a more serious, dark side of the band, much like Tom and Travis' BOX CAR RACER.
For a more light, fast pace feeling, listen to "Feeling This" or "Go". For a more dark, melencholy feel, listen to "Obvious" or "Violence".
Track 3, "I miss you" is a calm, soothing song to listen to on a rainy day or when you just want a break from the day.
This is a great cd and I highly recommend that you go out and buy it.