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Miami 2017 (Seen The Lights Go Out On Broadway)
(c) 1976 by Billy Joel
Off the album "Turnstiles"
Transcribed by Neil Fein

This is how I play this on guitar. If anyone has a better way to
play this, please let me know! , because this one's a
pain to play. (Sounds nice when you do it right, though...)

Intro (also the fadeout)

Let bass notes ring. The first note's a harmonic because you'll
have to slide up a bit. Practice it slow; this has to be perfect
to sound good. To perform it I have to rehearse it for several days
before the gig or I get rusty.

I use a clean sound with a touch of chorus, just a hint.

Legal, this is what I, Neil Fein, heard on the record.

----------10-14-15-14-------17- ----12---12-10---12-
-------10-------------15------- --------------------
--[12]-------------------14---- --9----9-------9----
------------------------------- -10-----------------
------------------------------- --------------------
------------------------------- --------------------

----12-------12-------12- -12-------12-------12----
-------15-------15------- ----15-------15-------15-
----------12-------12---- -------12-------12-------
------------------------- -------------------------
-14---------------------- -13----------------------
------------------------- -------------------------

This part is more or less the same, but an octave down:

-------2-3-2-----5- ---0-----0-----0-
-----3-------3----- -----3-----3-----
---2-----------2--- -------0-----0---
-0----------------- -----------------
------------------- -3---------------
------------------- -----------------

-----0-----0----- -0---------------
-3-----3-----3--- ---3-1-0---------
---0-----0-----0- ---------2-0-----
----------------- -------------4-2-
-2--------------- -1---------------
----------------- -----------------

D        G/D              D         G/D  D  A/C#
Seen the lights go ...
Bm        G                 A    Asus A  G
I saw the Empire...
D/F#                        G          Gsus   G
And life went on ...
                A         Asus  A
They all bought ....
               G         A
And left there ...

D            G/D           D         G/D  D  A/C#
They held a concert ...
Bm           G              A     Asus A  G
To watch the ...
D/F#            G
They turned our ...
D/A          G/B
And drove us ...
A/C#        G/B
But we went right ....

A/D  D       G/D  D  A/D  D      A  D/A  A

(Repeat with same chords)

("alive" is on a G/D chord, I play it X55433)

(End with same as intro fingerstyle)
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Auteur: Billy Joel

Componist: Billy Joel

Publisher: Sony Music Entertainment Inc


Uitgegeven in: 1978

Taal: Engels

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