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Date: Tue, 7 Aug 2001 21:19:02 -0400
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And So It Goes, by Billy Joel

This is my first by-ear transcription and I did it all by myself.
I used the recording on the Greatest Hits Vol. III CD, track 9.
I work with autoharp, so you guitar players are on your own to find chord
shapes.  Sorry.

Here's the outline of the song:
intro (instrumental verse), verse1, verse2,
bridge1, verse3, interlude1 (first & last line of verse),
bridge2, verse4, interlude2 (first two lines of verse), ending.
Slow down on the last line of the ending.

The Am C and G G7 at the end of some lines reflect the slight change heard
after the vocal line stops.(listen to the song carefully. Headphones help.)


C        F             Am C
In ev'ry heart...

C                       G
A sanctuary safe...

C                      Am C
To heal the wounds...

C                     F    C
Until a new one...


    C     Am       C     G
And ev'ry time...

   F       Am       Dm     G G7
It seems I only...

    C     Am       C     G
And so it goes...

    F       Am         Dm     G G7
And so will you soon, ...


    C     Am      C    G
And so it goes, ...

    C          G       F    C
And you're the only....
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Auteur: Billy Joel

Componist: Billy Joel

Publisher: Sony BMG Music Entertainment


Uitgegeven in: 2011

Taal: Engels

Komt voor op: Storm Front (1989) , The Essential (2001) , 12 Gardens Live (2006)

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