Bear Quartet

Bear Quartet - I'm Still Her songtekst

Je score:
Streets, sun warms and heart beats
You are seventeen, twentythree, you belong
You're not something to own
Glow, can't you see life glow
Unremarkable and slow
It pushes us all relentlessly on

There's happiness where and when I least expect
It's such a rare thing but it's happening
There's happiness and of course yes there is death
Loneliness and regrets, one fire less

Live, so repetitive
Now I've locked myself out and you can't be reached
Yet, but it's allright
Slow, can't you see them glow
Every room outside, one day we are all found
One day we're those who died

There's happiness where and when I least expect
Everything that I see will outlive me
There's happiness and of course fear and death
Loneliness hard regrets, one fire less
We'll never ride into the sun with the end
Hung above our hardships and our love
I didn't cry not until we lowered you
Down into the cold ground the cold cold ground
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