Bear Quartet

Bear Quartet - I Remember Nights Wide Open songtekst

Je score:
They soon found out
That none of us knew the host
That we didn't share
One single ghost
From the past
They were celebrating
So they threw us out
Back into the night
The wide open night

I remember
When you were happier
Than ever when
You felt that happiness
Was the shorter
And if you say it was
It hardly even
Started to feel like sin

Ever since
Weariness and break neck stress joined forces
I've been dying to connect
My plans to leave
Are just plans to leave
But the goal's still set:
One last genuine
Emotion to begin

I remember
When you felt lonelier
Than ever when
You felt that loneliness
Was more clever and it was it was
We get outsmarted
That's when our coolness stops
I remember
My first nervous breakdown
It was on the way
To your side of town
I remember
The first time I made a stand
The first time I drank
So well here I am
Over and out
Over and out
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