Bear Quartet

Bear Quartet - Everlaster songtekst

Je score:
Exhaust curls out
An expanding night
She's a heap of bad luck and feelings
On the passenger seat
Following the dark line of trees
Short fuse, everlaster
Sky is huge like a nightmare
Spinning faster, get it all over with

Whatever the cost
Whatever was lost
Some always follow
This is the edge of the river
Swallowed by waters
Deeper and bigger

Don't care if there's a goal
Or chosen road
Sometimes it scares her
Heartache from what no one can see
Small fields seas of pinetrees
Firm chaos, frail disaster
Can't remember what she was after
Spinning faster, everlaster

Whatever it was
Whatever the cost
Some always stay lost
This is the end of the river
Swallowed by waters
Deeper and bigger
This is the place
'Cause it's never the same
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