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This isn't who I am.

From confidence to self doubt in 60 seconds.

Storming stages and stereos from here to there,

trying to prove that I belong.

Trying to win approval from people that I don't know.


And I look so strong

when the weight of all the world

don't take it's toll.

And I'd choose my sides

if I believed in what was right,

but I'm all wrong.

I'm not larger than life, I'm not taller than trees.

Do I mean what I say or is it just this disease where I never go home?

Never telling the truth, how this life eats away.

Not admitting I'm fake.

And I'm questioning whether this whole thing was worth it to die poor and all alone?


Just don't tell me this doesn't mean the world,

'Cause my ears would bleed and my heart would hit the floor.

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