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Austin Collins - Witching Hour songtekst

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Golden light you shut your eyes
On the night that you caught fire
Crawl in bed and tell me lies
Before you close the door
You're surprised you changed your mind
And ended up confused
You begged him once and asked him twice
Not to point his guns at you

Don't get on my softer side
'Cause it's already nine pm
Call it quits but call me first
'Cause the witching hour will begin
Oh the witching hour will begin

Legs to walk or brooms to fly
The gift horse of your will
Hearts of darkness empty skies
You stop but can't sit still
Innocence self justified
You pull at your own skin
Strain to see the wrong from light
Fortified from within


Look around it's midnight now
You stare into the sun
Clinch your fists and cast your spells
The damage has been done

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