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Goodbye Houston
You lost your charm
Just the other night
When she asked you to stay to long
You lost your cool
Out in the parking lot
Called me a fool
Now no one's looking up to you
You should have thought of that before

So we closed the bar
Abusive and without your help
You watched the news
Deciding what was best for you
You went too far
Without going anywhere
The rules have changed
And you've created your own truth
You should have thought of that before

All the tilting autumn fences
Last to know what time
Leaning into your defenses
Disappearing lines
I guess you were the pretty one
In your grade-school class
Happy holidays for fun
Just try and make it last

Changing for grins
Made you feel like a movie star
The tread-worn sleeves
And what you said behind the cars
Open 'til ten
Dictated violently
Can't find a friend
To show you what you'd rather see
You should have thought of that before
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