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The chords are quite simple, just remember to always pick them, never strum.
Here are the forms:

Chords:  Dm  A#m?  F  Am

    __X___      ______      ______
Dm  |||||X  A#m?|XXXXX  F   XXXXXX
    |||X||      ||||||      |||X||
    ||||X|      ||XX||      |XX|||
    ||||||      ||||||      ||||||
    ||||||      ||||||      ||||||

Am  ||||X|

The intro and verse riff is the Dm (on the high E string, first hit the open string,
then add your index, try it, you'll see...) then move to the A#m? figure (sorry, I'm
bad with chord names.)

Intro + Verse:
Dm => A#m?

Chorus: ("If I... was to walk away....)
F => Dm => Am => Dm

The Ending:
The Notes are still Dm => A#m?, but the guitar plays this hammer-on riff

A very nice melodic song, enjoy
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Auteur: Craig Walker, Danny Griffiths, Darius Keeler

Componist: ?

Publisher: Dangervisit


Uitgegeven in: 2020

Taal: Engels

Komt voor op: 25 (2019) , You All Look the Same to Me (2002)

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