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[M. Sayyid]

hey yo this theme wasn't a dream I'm dead ass no lean

it started with this chick who moved in thirteen

I started hearin a knock at four o clock am

started hearin a flock of high heels pop across the hall

I'm sayin 'yo what the fuck' through the peep hole

seen some people tippin the lab chicks I mean

badass kiko smack you off your ego

out to eat go but chill, here's the sequal

I mean here's the meet yo

takin out the garbage on the creep yo

the door opened up a voice said 'nice to greet you'

I played the low, noddin, half lookin in the room

til I seen what was cookin, ooh (oh, shit)

another chick rockin a bra

watchin tv holdin keys to a car, boom

now I'm definitely not lookin, yo I gotta loom

the chick at the door said their gonna party til noon

as the light from the moon hit the hall wall

she talked a little, wigglin her middle

gigglin like she had plans to fiddlin

focus not shooken

sayin she just moved up from from brooklyn (word?)

wasn't really tooken, wasn't really lookin

yeah, whatever, whatever, well

welcome to white planes, you stacked with a tight frame

wanna smash (errr) whiplash in the right lane

???? nice game

she laughed, asked me if I knew mike zane in fifteen

I was like 'ummm, not really, no'

'well, I know he's got that blow'

I was like 'oh'

took a picture of that body in my mind, yo

then it was time to go

cause I wasn't tryin to get caught up in the snow

picked up the trash bag, time to break yo

next morning woke up to a fuckin stage show

seven squad cars, DEA

three sheperds and snitches that sing like Stevie J

for that green, cause those chicks in thirteen

were undercover strain and busted mike zane

with twenty six ounces of pure cocaine

schemes are not always what they seem

in the maze these days there's many demons

to get you soul by any means
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