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Andrew Gold - Lonely Boy

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Een nummer dat Andrew Gold schreef en grotendeels over zichzelf gaat. Het lied begint 'He was born on a summer day 1951'. Gold werd geboren op 2 augustus 1951. Het nummer verscheen in 1977 op zijn album 'What's wrong with this picture?'. De achtergrondzang kwam van Linda Ronstadt. Andrew Gold was voordien haar producer en speelde muziek in haar begeleidingsband.

He was born on a summer day 1951
And with a slap of a hand
He landed as an only son
His mother and father said what a lovely boy
We'll teach him what we learned
Ah yes just what we learned
We'll dress him up warmly and
We'll send him to school
It'll teach him how to fight
To be nobody's fool.

Oh what a lonely boy (3x).

In the summer of '53 his mother
Brought him a sister
And she told him we must attend to her needs
She's so much younger than you
Well he ran down the hall and he cried
Oh how could his parents have lied
When they said he was an only son
He thought he was the only one.

Refrein (3x).

Goodbye mama, goodbye you
Goodbye papa I'm pushing on through.

He left home on a winter day 1969
And he hoped to find all the love
He had lost in that earlier time
Well his sister grew up
And she married a man
She gave her a son
Ah yes a lovely son
They dressed him up warmly
They sent him to school
It taught him how to fight
To be nobody's fool.

Refrein (6x).
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Auteur: Andrew Gold

Componist: Andrew Gold

Publisher: Demon Music Group Ltd.


Uitgegeven in: 1976

Taal: Engels

Komt voor op: What's Wrong With This Picture? (2005)

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