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Blame, Etc.
by The Afghan Whigs
from the album Black Love
Tab by: R. Flahive

This is a really great song, and it's not too hard to play. Use a wah.
Listen to the cd to get the wah effects down.

Intro: A---2---0h2-0h2--0-----0h2-0----------------------
       E-----------------------------3--2--0--0-2-3-2-0--   x4


Follow this pattern during the verse:
      (B5) x x x | x x x A5|B5 x x x | x x x D5\|B5...
         1  2 3 4 | 1 2 3 4  | 1 2 3 4  | 1 2 3 4   | 1...etc.

       Use the wah with the mutes. Follow the guitar pattern on
       the cd or come up with your own funky rythyms.


D5  B5
      My lust it ties me...
A5  B5
D5  B5
A5  B5
D5  B5
A5  B5
D5  B5
A5  B5


       F       C                    Bm
       I..... reply...
             A         F           C


           Bm       A         G          A
       Blame, deny...
           Bm      A                 G               A
                                   Bm      A
                                    G          A

(note: 1st guitar solos over the chorus. 2nd sticks to the chords.)

VERSE 2 (same as verse 1):

       Your sanctimony...

INTERLUDE (same as above, repeated twice):

       I..... reply...

CHORUS (same as before): Blame, etc.
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