A Covenant of Thorns

A Covenant of Thorns - Purgatory

Je score:
I am the god of emptiness
I am the god of pain
I am the god of agony
God of the insane

Will you look into my soul
And tell me what you find
Tell me this emptiness
Is just a state of mind

I am the keeper of fear
I am the keeper of fate
I am the keeper of nothing
The keeper of all hate

Will you hide me away
And help my wounds to heal
Wrap your arms around me
And teach me how to fell

And I don't want your forgiveness
I don't want your blame
I don't want forever
I don't want to be the same

I wish I knew what it was that you were
Searching for this time
I think I know what it is that you've been
Missing all this time

Tell me I brought it on myself
All of this decay
Tell me that god will always love me
And can wash it all away
Tell me that you know how I feel
And it makes you love me more
Tell me that you understand me
And you've seen it all before
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Auteur: ?

Componist: ?

Publisher: A Handful Of Nothing


Uitgegeven in: 1999

Taal: Engels

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