7 Angels 7 Plagues

7 Angels 7 Plagues - Someday songtekst

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Some nights it really gets to me and this right now is killing me.
Unsure as forever. with eyes so wide.
It's as clear as day.
A wavering frightened glance.
Promise not to cry.
One tears released the flood.
Sorrow blinks to brightness of day.
Be strong.
I faked a smile that crumbled under sunday morning's sky.
Apologize 10,000 times for days run over forever in my mind.
But middle ground has given way and where to step is now what i face.
No one to have. no hand to hold.
I suppress my position as a means to silence the truth.
Tormented by my every undying devotion to you.
I cry terrified the truth will never calm.
But for now if i can just push on and forget all will be all right.
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