5 Second Rule

5 Second Rule - Pardon Me songtekst

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Verse 1:

Pardon me

for a minute of your time

I can see

things revolve aroundyour world

your a very busy girl

still I was hoping 

you might try real hard

to find some 

time for me


and now I know

that all things must change

nothing lasts nothing stays the same

way I felt the day you left

no words could explain

guess i thought that love would find a way

nothing left to say but

Verse 2:

Pardon me

If I step out of line

I disagree 

when you say the love

we had's gone

that you and me

do not belong

together any more

and we should go our seperate ways


These sticks and stones

these broken bones

the words you say

to hurt me

I wanted to 

be more like you

fell victom to my

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