3 Doors Down

3 Doors Down - Kryptonite Solo gitaar tab

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Artist: 3 doors down
Song: Kryptonite_solo
My e-mail: sweeneyt@ncces

All right, I've never done this before but this is pretty good. At least it sounds cool. I'm am doing it from memory but have a very clear recollection of the song

This sound best on the "D" string, but mess around and tinker with quicker playing, timing, whammy bars, whatever. PLEASE e-mail me with any questions, comments (Ya, right), criticisms, or ADVICE. Much appreciated.

Here goes (the timing is a little off, sorry, but you've probably heard the song anyway)

and do it again

That�s is folks, remember to e-mail me if this made you mad, happy, sad, whatever. Gracias
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Taal: Engels

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