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I Remember The Days

Love We Sharing In So Many Ways

I See Your Smiling Face

Something That My Mind Can't Erase

I Often Wonder Why

You Had To Leave Without A Goodbye

I Would've Been Right There

I'll Always Be The One Who Cares

Baby I Can't Get Over You

All I Want Is To Be With You

Baby I Can't Let Go Of You

Can't We Try Just One More Time

Just One More Time

Ooh, Baby


Another Lonely Night

Only You Can Make It Right

I Wanna Be With You

This Time I Know That We Can Make It Through

I Just Wanna Say

That I Will Love You In Every Way

This Time I Will Be True

There's No One I'd Rather Be With Than You

I Wonder Where You Are

If You're Near Or If You Are Far Away

Do I Ever Cross Your Mind

It Doesn't Have To Be This Way

Girl, I Miss You More Than Words Can Say

All I Want Is To Hold You

To Kiss You

To Look Into Your Eyes Just One More Time

I'm Sorry

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