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So wake me up from this nightmare
I've been dreaming of
For so long
It's burned a hole in my head
So large a fist can fit through it
It's my death, for now

ohhh, Right!

So build me up so you can tear me down
Like a broken truck my wheels just ain't moving round
So set me free, let me go and be on my own
Sleep cautiously, for now

I never wanted to play your game
I'm not quite sure though if you feel the same

ohhh, Right!

Your hold on me too strong to break away from
I feel too weak, too weak too stand and run
but I can't see with the fog in front of my eyes
Step carefully, for now

And when it's time to be one
We'll meet up somewhere knowing

Everyday you bring me, down
I try to run but keep falling, down

It's my time, my time to move from this place
Out of line moving into all my space
but now I see everything you do holds me down
I am free, for now

And when it's all said and done
We've seen some times yeah we've had some fun
And though the good shadows bad
You're still the worst thing I've ever had!

It's over(8x)

Everyday I'm breaking, down
I try to run but keep falling, down
I got bad news but I got my, way
Save your shit for a rainy
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