16Down - gimme some

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Givin' up your life 4 A.I.D.S. 
Eat a sick cow causes M.A.D.-NESS 
Some crack wackos stealin' wiperblades 
Won't ya gimme some love
Two drugged ladies in a pink bed 
Smile to the president while they give head 
I'm eatin' mushrooms, color my world red 
All I need is some love 

But I picture you next to me on the couch 
Makin' my moves turn my head upside down 
You don't wear your glasses but you're goodlookin' anyhow 
You're all that I want, won't you gimme some love 

A rebel son was knived in a gunfight 
A preacher's son's aura turned bright 
When he overdosed on paradise yeah he needed some love

Tomorrow trees die out in one night 
Caused by the x-ray moonlight 
Anny from the curb, she's in the light 
Godbless A.F.T.C.
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Taal: Engels

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