Alesha Dixon

The Alesha Show - Encore

The Alesha Show - Encore

Ook op deze CD staat de hidden track 'Mystery'.

1.   Welcome To The Alesha Show (Instrumentaal)
2.   Let's get excited
3.   Breathe slow
4.   Cinderella shoe
5.   The boy does nothing
6.   Chasing Ghosts
7.   Play Me
8.   Hand It Over
9.   Do you know the way it feels
10.   Can I Begin
11.   Italians do it better
12.   Ooh Baby I Like It Like That
13.   Don't Ever Let Me Go
14.   I'm Thru
15.   To Love Again
16.   Shake
17.   The Light
18.   All Out Of Tune
Type: Full CD
Uitgever: Asylum Records
Uitgegeven in: 2008

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