Anneke Soetaert

Gisteren & Vandaag

Gisteren & Vandaag
1.   open je hart
2.   ciao adieu bye bye
3.   Ballade in November (Nieuwe Songtekst toevoegen)
4.   Weet Je, Weet Je, Weet je (Nieuwe Songtekst toevoegen)
5.   Denk er nog eens over na (Nieuwe Songtekst toevoegen)
6.   Kringetjes (Nieuwe Songtekst toevoegen)
7.   rio de janeiro
8.   Chicago (Nieuwe Songtekst toevoegen)
9.   If You Were Smart (Nieuwe Songtekst toevoegen)
10.   Try A Little Tenderness (Nieuwe Songtekst toevoegen)
11.   Oh! Paradise (Nieuwe Songtekst toevoegen)
12.   Ay, Ay, Mi Linda Muchacha (Nieuwe Songtekst toevoegen)
13.   Laat me dromen (Nieuwe Songtekst toevoegen)
14.   Ave Maria (Nieuwe Songtekst toevoegen)
Type: Full CD
Uitgever: ?
Uitgegeven in: 2010

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mary boduin
di 29 mei, 2012 2:41 am
Hello Ann, I miss you ! Are you still taking sunbaths on the top of the building you live, which was formerly Ty's ? How are you and how is John, and John Jr ?
Like to hear from you, very much. We had a nice time together in Brussels, when I wrote some songtexts for you and with Wardje, bibi !
And when you gave me this warm hippy sheepcoat, in the Begrijnhofstraat, to keep me warm, because my stove didn't work. And when we went for resting holidays to palma, spain, for a whole month. And Toot Thielemans and Ward Bogaert waited for us at Zaventem, when we came home and you had to perform ! Bloody warm, remembering times, that will always stay in my heart. Not to forget wen I came to Boca Raton ! Years ago !!
Keep in touch with me, please ? Love ! Mary
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