Electric Light Orchestra (ELO)

New World Record

New World Record Type: Full CD
Uitgever: Epic, Sony BMG
Uitgegeven in: 1976

1.   Tightrope
2.   Telephone Line
3.   Rockaria
4.   Mission A World Record
5.   So Fine
6.   Livin' thing
7.   Above The Clouds
8.   Do Ya
9.   Shangri La
10.   Telephone Line (different vocal)
11.   Surrender
12.   Tightrope (Instrumental Early Rough Mix) (Instrumentaal)
13.   Above the clouds (Instrumental Early Rough Mix) (Instrumentaal)
14.   So Fine (Instrumental Early Rough Mix) (Instrumentaal)
15.   Telephone Line (Instrumental) (Instrumentaal)
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