James Blunt

Back To Bedlam

Back To Bedlam
1.   High
2.   You're beautiful
3.   Wisemen
4.   Goodbye my lover
5.   Tears and rain
6.   Out of my mind
7.   So long, Jimmy
8.   Billy
9.   Cry
10.   No bravery
Type: Full CD
Uitgever: Atlantic / Wea
Uitgegeven in: 2005

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CommonCrawl [Bot]
vr 21 apr, 2006 10:58 pm
To put it simply, this album is amazing. I purchased this Back To Bedlam when it first came out, and I still listen to the whole album almost every day! James Blunt has a remarkable voice and sings with a hint of Bob Dylan present in several songs. There are really no below-average songs on this album, with 10 distinct tunes. "You're Beautiful" naturally stands out as one of the best songs, but it is by no means the only excellent song. My favorite songs off this album include "Wisemen", "You're Beautiful", "High", "No Bravery", "Cry", and "Goodbye My Lover". The most noteworthy songs of this album would have to be "No Bravery" for beautifully crafted lyrics (much like Dylan), "You're Beautiful" because it's just a great song all around, "Cry" and "Goodbye My Lover for pure emotional impact.

If you like James Blunt's music as much as I do, then I would also recomend an earlier single with the song "Fall At Your Feet".

Back To Bedlam is a CD that you will keep comming back to listen to!
vr 17 maart, 2006 5:41 am
This is a brilliant album. "Goodbye My Lover" is a amazing song. But the best track on it is definitely "You're Beautiful". Lyrics are great and James Blunt has a soulful voice. James Blunt's voice and songwriting make this album a must have!
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