Greatest Country Hits

Greatest Country Hits Type: Compilatie
Uitgever: BMG Entertainment
Uitgegeven in: 1998

1.   Take me home, country roads
2.   Sunshine on my shoulders
3.   Annie's Song
4.   Back Home Again
5.   Sweet, sweet surrender
6.   Thank God I'm a country boy
7.   I'm sorry
8.   Fly away
9.   Looking for space
10.   Like a sad song
11.   Baby, you look good to me tonight
12.   How can I leave you again
13.   What's on your mind
14.   Autograph
15.   Some days are diamonds (some days are stone)
16.   The cowboy and the lady
17.   Wild Montana skies (with Emmylou Harris)
18.   Dreamland express
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